Mushroom Gummies

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Magic mushroom gummies

Made from the extracts of premium grown cubensis, these delicious gummies are easy on the stomach and taste buds.  So, each package comes in a variety of delicious fruit flavors. Perfect for those that can’t stand the taste and/or texture of raw shrooms, or don’t have the time or patience to make their own concoctions. 1 individual gummy is the equivalent dosage of 1 gram of dried product. Gummies can be purchased in quantities of 8 pieces per can (2.5 grams). Discounts are available in larger quantities. For more information, please contact us.

8 reviews for Mushroom Gummies

  1. Barbara Stinson

    Not bad at all. Not a potent as I’m used to, but did the trick.

  2. Mary Clark

    Awesome experience, very happy with it. Would recommend and buy again.

  3. Margaret Bell

    Easy ordering process, fast delivery, excellent product. What more could I ask for

  4. Loren Piper

    My fav so far!! I use for microdosing and after just a few weeks I feel like a renewed person. Much more present, relaxed, productive and mentally healthy!

  5. Paula Laird

    great product, easy purchase process, discrete delivery!

  6. Don Benson

    Intense emotional experience at high dose. Geometric shapes form. I felt like I had a very spiritual encounter. Shipping was super fast and easy. Excellent communication.

  7. Sandra Hein

    Unusually large so it’s like a full meal trying to take a decent dose. Works great though.

  8. Ellen Johnson

    Awesome time

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