Great White Monsters

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The Great White Monster Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis) is albino shrooms that deliver unique rusty white spores. The GWM magic mushrooms are great for aesthetically appealing outdoors, backyard Bar-be-ques, beach trips as they really intensify the ambience. The size of these mushrooms does not define their potency as they are similar to their cousins


Great white monster mushroom

Great White Monster mushrooms always satisfy the needs of their users. None of their users has regretted their decision of getting their hands on these amazing mushrooms. Due to their appearance, they stand out among the golden hues of many magic mushrooms. This snow-like cap and stem of these monster mushrooms innate the feeling of cleanliness and purity. Providing a great deal of aesthetics and high potency Also these mushrooms are a must-have. great white monster magic mushroom for sale. Contact us for more information on the great white monster mushroom strain.

14 reviews for Great White Monsters

  1. John Grigsby

    Rediculous fast shipping, top grade product. Perfectly dry and ready to go. Will definitely order more of these ones. Totally worth the little step up in price.

  2. Bradley Chacon

    relax cool

  3. Erma Sanford

    I was very surprised at the quality and result. Honestly, better than the Microdose product. Excellent quality and value.

  4. Cecelia Bagley

    2 for 2, second time buying and the product i got was almost even better then the first time was more fresh like had been grown and finished recently and gave great effects off only 2 grams

  5. Jimmy Shirk

    This stuff is no joke. Ive used it once so far, next time ill only take 1g, i took 3g and it was way more than i bargained for. Crazy psychedelic trip, too much for me but my partner enjoyed it.

  6. Joshua Carr

    Way more powerful than I have ever experienced

  7. Mohammed Smith

    Enjoyable and enlightening.

  8. Michael McGrew

    Great product, actually tastes pretty good.

  9. Michelle Thornton

    excellent product and great service

  10. Chad McCann

    Arrived super fast and they are HUGE!!!

  11. Philip Brown

    Oufff mon cadre avec des arbre semblais être vrai. Étais très animer . Mon chat j’y voyais tout c’est poil , brefff les chose prenne vie

  12. Leonard Thornton

    Proceed with caution! These are very strong mushrooms. Start low and slow as these are extremely potent.

  13. Heather Fowler

    The best!

  14. Lynn Windsor

    The real deal! Great times!

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