MDMA Red Bull

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Color: Pink
Weight: 494.3 mg
Score: Yes
Ingredients: MDMA * HCI: 305 mg

Just recently we warned you about various ecstasy pills that are just too strong for one or the other. Among them was a pink pill with a Red Bull logo. This tablet had an MDMA * HCI content of 206.9 mg. It’s not bad at all. Now there is an almost identical pill in circulation, but it contains 305 mg of the active ingredient.

Therefore, you should be very careful when consuming pink Red Bull Ecstasy pills.


MDMA Red Bull For Sale USA

3 reviews for MDMA Red Bull

  1. Amanda Myer

    Fast and effective.

  2. Connie Cortez

    Easy on the stomach and fast acting!

  3. Judy Rabin

    Haven’t tried them yet. Shipping was fast.

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